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World Environment Day 2018

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On the occasion of World Environment Day, a cleanliness drive was carried out by the students of Holy Cross School, Tadong in and around the school premises. The students of classes IX very enthusiastically participated in this drive and meticulously and diligently cleaned the entire area from St. Paul’s Church, 5th Mile, Tadong till the School gate. The people of the neighbourhood highly appreciated the commendable job done by the students. Pleased with the student’s work, some shopkeepers even offered water and juice.

The purpose behind such a drive is to bring about awareness among the students and the people about the “Need to keep your surrounding clean”.

The students of classes X cleaned the school compound thoroughly. It was indeed a pleasant sight to see students, not even bothering the hot weather, cleaning the area allotted to them very earnestly and sincerely. The cleanliness drive not only taught them the values of “Cleanliness being next to Godliness”, but also taught them about “the dignity of labour”. Such activity conducted go a long way in bringing about the ‘all round development’ of the students.

Apart from these, students had also put up the Bulletin Board display in all the classroom, the identification and naming of the plants and trees in the campus was also carried out. And most important of all is the reduction of waste generation from each class.


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