Educational Goals of Holy Cross School, Tadong

Characteristics and Attitudes of a Holy Cross Student.

The following characteristics and attitudes will be criteria for reference while selecting school leaders at a class, house or whole school levels.

  1. Intellectual Development
    • Ask questions to know why and how of things around them.
    • Develop study skills.
    • Develop a scientific attitude, is analytical, arrives at conclusion based on objective data and is committed to truth.
  2. Personal Character
    • Is free, spontaneous and joyful.
    • Has learned to share one’s knowledge, skills and time with others who need them.
    • Is hard working and persevering, has developed the inner strength to face tough and unforeseen situations of life.
  3. Social Sensitivity and Culture
    • Has learned to play and work co-operatively in a group.
    • Is friendly not only to one’s own classmates but also to other, is a friend of animals, birds, trees and the environment.
    • Shows compassion to those at the margins of society, contributes to build a school community healed of all divisions based on caste, religion, language, culture, sex or religion. Treats all as one equal or as brothers and sisters.
  4. Spiritual Orientation
    • Prays to a loving God in trust.
    • Prays for one’s own needs and for the larger needs of the region, country and the world.
    • Is hopeful and optimistic, trusts others, and believes in God’s love and providence.
  5. Health and Body Care.
    • Acquired habits of personal cleanliness.
    • Keeps environment clean, develops good food habits, is physically fit.
    • Has learned to relax, to ‘let go’, has acquired knowledge of preventive measures and practices them.
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