On 29th February 2020 a workshop was held on Shaping and Enabling behavioural change by Karo Sambhav in Bahai School Tadong, and from Holy Cross School Tadong Miss Rajshree Thapa and Miss Kritika Rai had attended, there were many other schools from Sikkim who had attended the workshop.

Mrs. Swati Ganguly and Mr. Bibhuti Sinha were the two resource person from Karo Sambhav.

Karo Sambhav is a tech enabled, environmentally beneficial and socially responsible e-waste Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO). Karo Sambhav’s members include prominent brands namely Apple, Dell, HP and Levnovo.

They have setup and India wide transformative solution on e-waste management with the aim of making recycling a way of life. They make it possible for people and institutions to responsibly recycle their electronic waste.

The fundamental objectives of Karo Sambhav are to work together with electronic producers to keep obsolete or discarded electronic products out of landfills; optimize the recovery of resources from electronic products or their components; develop a globally harmonized and locally relevant system for e-waste management in India.

The curriculum has been set keeping in mind a learner centric approach, the tool kit has been divided into different modules. All modules use contemporary pedagogical practices to build 21st century skills of students. These skills is considered essential for students to succeed in their careers in the ever evolving and rapidly changing 21st century. The skills include the 5Cs that is:

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Computational thinking.

The Next session was conducted by Mr. Bibhuti Sinha on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is the field of science of making the machine understand the world just like humans and attain human levels of thinking and decision making on their own.

CBSE has introduced Artificial Intelligence as a subject for standard 8 and 9 and AI has been working with companies like IBM, INTEL and INFOSYS.

AI is future readiness for our children. It is the personal digital Assistance system that can talk to us such as Google, Siri, Alexa etc. the study of these programming system learning is AI.

In Grade 8 there is just the introduction of AI and Grade 9 learn coding.

AI is the virtual system that can be used in almost all the subject.

AI is a smarter way to reshape PC Labs in Schools.


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