In L.KG. children are admitted at the age of 3½ years and that is our entry point.

Parents are interviewed for their understanding of the type of education offered in the school, make them aware of the kind of co-operation needed for development of their ward.

Birth Certificates stating the date of birth should be submitted at the time of admission. No further changes will be made once this date has been registered in the school records.

Admissions to other classes are taken after proper tests subject to vacancy. The dates are announced every year on the school notice board as well as this website. All the students seeking admission into this school are required to undergo an admission test in English and Mathematics. All candidates seeking admission should apply in the prescribed Admission Form available from the school office/Website and register their names well in advance of the admission test.

Admissions are made strictly on the merits of the candidate in the admission test and not on the basis of marks obtained elsewhere. After the test and interview the school authorities make the selection of the candidates. The decision of the school authorities in the matter of the selection of candidates will be final.

In case of admission of transfer, an authentic transfer certificate is needed. Transfer certificate from a place outside the state may be duly countersigned by the Officer of the Education Deptt. of the concerned state will only be accepted.

Transfer and school leaving certificate are issued after all dues of the school are cleared. Once the child is admitted in the School, T. C. will be issued after three months only.

Infrastructure Facilities

The school is suitably located in Tadong, approximately 9 km. away from the main town, Gangtok. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the town, thus providing an atmosphere of peace and quiet for proper teaching-learning activity.


The school has digital class rooms


The school has computer Lab


The school has physics laboratory


The school has biology laboratory


The school has spacious library


The school has chemistry lab


The school has a playground


The school has installed CCTV