Holy Cross School Tadong believes in helping its students and their parents as far as possible, and has therefore a liberal cancellation and refund policy.

Under this policy requests for cancellation of admission shall be lodged by parents in writing addressed to principal and shall be submitted in school office for seeking refund in the following cases:

  • Refund of amounts wrongly deposited.
  • Adjustment of amounts wrongly/excess deposited: In case the parent wants the adjustment of the amount wrongly/excess deposited in subsequent quarter, a request in writing shall have to be made and submitted in school office along with the proof of excess deposit.
  • Refund of any other amount not covered by the foregoing paragraphs will be considered only on receipt of written request submitted to school office.
  • If the transaction has declined due to any reason after debit of amount to be deposited from account of parents then in that case no refund is permissible.
  • No refund of convenience fee shall be admissible.