Aims & Objectives of Parents’ Council, Holy Cross School

With the formation of Parents’ Council in Holy Cross School, Tadong, the following aims and objectives have been specified:

  1. Parents’ Council shall work smoothly with the Principal, the staff and the School Managing Committee for creating a healthy atmosphere for the education of the children.
  2. It shall build an effective partnership and rapport between the home and the school for moulding and shaping the children in the best possible way.
  3. It shall involve in educational research and initiatives to enable the children to make all round development by attaining the qualitative education.
  4. It shall work as a support for all parents whose children are studying in the school.
  5. It shall not interfere with the internal administration of the school.

Role of Parents’ Council

The following shall be the role of Parents’ Council.

  1. Parents’ Council shall render advice to the Principal and the School Managing Committee on any matters and incidents that require a review for the betterment of the school.
  2. It shall represent the views of parents before the School Managing Committee.
  3. It shall encourage the link between the school, parents and pupils.
  4. It shall keep the parents informed about the activities of the school.
  5. It shall work for making the school better in all respects by seeking the united efforts of all parents, teachers and school authorities.
  6. It shall pay special attention to the requirements of students and parents and make them aware about promoting good education, health and environment.
  7. It shall help the parent community to adapt to the sieves in changing concepts and values of society.
  8. It shall help the school authorities in solving the common problems of both the students and the parents.
  9. It shall suggest/assist the school authorities in organizing cultural programmes, discussions and seminars to promote knowledge, harmony and understanding among all those associated with the school in consultation with school authorities.
  10. It shall provide assistance to parents and students during emergency for solving and uplifting socio-economic, moral and educational need.
  11. It shall also organize financial drive to provide support to the school.